Welcome To Timetree Canada Wooden Watch Co.

We are Proud Canadians from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan with Great Wooden Fashion Accessories and an even Greater Purpose!

TimeTree Canada was created in 2017 after the founders witnessed the 2016 Canadian Forest Fires that left countless people homeless and thousands of acres of land scorched and barren. Wanting to make a difference, we created TimeTree Canada in order to both help raise funds for those affected by the fires and help reforest those areas most affected by the horrific blaze.

What We Do

Timetree Canada specializes in creating fashionable yet eco-friendly wooden watches for its Timetree family. Each and every Timetree watch is crafted with care from the highest quality bamboo wood. Why bamboo? Bamboo has one of the quickest growth rates in the world, meaning we never harm trees in their natural environment. Instead, our bamboo is grown in greenhouses with the aid of both natural and artificial light. The colouring process is also very eco-friendly. We do not use dyes or chemicals; instead, any coloured wood that we use is slowly coloured through the process of sunlight shining through coloured glass giving our wood a healthy, chemical free “staining” process!

Who Is Timetree Canada?

We have a very simple concept here at TimeTree Canada. For each watch we sell, we will plant one tree in the areas of Canada most affected by the forest fires. Ten watches equal ten trees, 100 equals 100. Our short-term annual goal is 20,000 trees! Together we can help re-populate Canada’s forests!

In addition to planting one tree per unit sold, we at TimeTree Canada also vowed to help the people affected by the fires. That is why all extra funds raised from any of our Maple Watch Collection are being donated to the Canadian Red Cross in order to help those most affects by the horrific fires.

Each and every TimeTree product is handcrafted using the highest quality wood and is assembled at the time of your order. In addition, each watch is lovingly assembled by people with over 12 years of woodworking and watchmaking experience, meaning nothing but the best possible watch for every member of the TimeTree family!

The first company of our kind in Canada, we at TimeTree Canada strive to make our products as wallet friendly as they can be. That is why our watches are priced aggressively when compared to our American competitors. We want to make sure your dollar goes further, so we’re also offering FREE and FAST shipping throughout North America!

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Our Progress

Reforesting La Ronge Saskatchewan 66%
Reforesting Fort McMurray Alberta 68%
Reforesting Kelowna British Columbia 63%
Awesome Canadians Working Together 100%

Meet Our Timetree Family Members

K. Sellers
K. SellersAdministrator
Our great partners at Forest Recovery Canada help us get the trees in the ground! We are part of a 20 Million tree planting project and are excited to be a contributing factor in reforesting Canada!
Us Canadians
With the support of our customers we as Canadians can have a huge impact on our enviroment. You buy a watch , we plant a tree, Its that Canadian!!
L. Mullinder
L. MullinderCorporate Partnerships, Philanthropy
Proceeds from our limited edition Maple watch collection go to helping the Canadian Red Cross prepare to respond to emergencies and natural disasters like the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. We are proud to help provide emergency relief to communities when they are most in need!

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