The Ebony Rose Grande all wood watch is equipped with a high-quality Japanese quartz movement timepiece and stainless steel buttons and dual locking band clasp.

The diameter of the dial is a whopping 55 mm with a chronograph dial displaying seconds, minutes and hours all individually.

This watch is also equipped with a stopwatch and calendar!

The case is made from 2 different kinds of wood, rose sandalwood and ebony bamboo are used to create this beautiful timepiece!

The strap is made from matching ebony bamboo accented by rose sandalwood.

The back has a very large ebony bamboo cover plate and is great for custom engraving or logos with room to spare!

No Dyes or chemicals are added to make these watches and are 100% environmentally friendly.

All Timetrees are assembled and engraved as they are ordered and come with a 1-year warranty on the wood and the mechanisms in case of any imperfections!

All delivered in a cool custom wood gift box!

It does more than just benefit the environment to buy a Timetree watch.

Planting trees in Canada using the hands of time, that’s the Timetree difference!