Order Includes: 1000  KN95 Masks

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Protect yourself from airborne particles and germs.

Our dust masks fully cover the nose, mouth and chin.

Unlike the lower grade blue surgical masks, our KN95 masks are reusable and offer far greater protection against airborne particles.

We do not recommend using a mask for more than 48 hours continuously to ensure the best for your safety.

This nontoxic mask features a five-sheet construction to keep you safely protected from the effects of airborne particles, dust, grass and other harmful airborne bacteria.

The band wraps comfortably around your ears to maintain a tight-fitting seal.

Custom-fit nosepiece adjusts to the contours of your face to provide an enjoyable fit.

Suitable for hospitals, workshops, pollen, sweeping, gardening, farm work, cleaning and protection against other airborne dust.

95% filtration, provide anti-dust protection for you.

Color: White

Type: Ears Wrapping Band

Material: high-quality medical non woven fabric

Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm particles)

Applications: preventative measures, daily life, factory work, workshops, spas, hospitals, clinics, school or any public workplaces.

Order Includes:

1000  KN95 Masks