The Timetree Icon

This is the icon that you’ll see on the front of all of our watches as well as the sides of our fashion forward sunglasses. While it may look like it’s just three coniferous spruce trees grouped together in a neat logo, the meaning is actually somewhat deeper.

The large tree at the front represents the trees that were burnt down by the northern Canadian fires that decimated forests close to La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray, Alberta and even Kelowna, British Columbia. The two smaller trees pictured behind and to the left/right of the centre tree represent the trees that we’re planting. Basically, for every tree that is taken by the fires, we at Timetree Canada will replace it with two. Sorry Mother Nature, but we’re winning the fight!

It also represents us at Timetree Canada. The front tree is the new tree we are planting because of you, our new TimeTree family member. Canada is front and centre for us; the most important part of our Timetree Family. The back two trees represent how the tree gets planted. Your on the left and Timetree is on the right and that’s what it takes to get the job done.

  • The first company of its kind in Canada! Is The Right Choice For Canadians!

  • Our Partners At Forest Recovery Canada Put The Trees Back In The Ground!

  • Working Side By Side With Red Cross Canada helping Canadians that need it!

  • With The Help Of Our Canadian Customers We Are Going To Reach Our Goals!

  • Join The Timetree Family Today!!


Our Timetree Logo

The Logo
Here is a description of all the elements that were used in the creation of our logo that can be seen on the back of all of our wooden watches and our gift boxes.

The Components to Our Logo

We’ve even used a font called the King and Queen’s font that incorporates wooden features into the alphabet. We then chose an upercase T and a lower case t to represent our Canadian forests. Where a big Tree has been taken by the fires, a little tree will take its place!

We’ve naturally incorporated the ‘Rings of Time’ in our logo to represent the C in Canada.  Trees have been nature’s watch since day one and they provide an accurate age on trees. In ancient times certain cultures of people would plant a tree the day they had a child to keep an accurate log of the persons age. Timetrees rings represent growth as a Canadian Family adding one family member at a time!

We’re proud to be Canadian, so we’ve added a Maple Leaf to the logo. A maple leaf is a Canadian symbol  so not only did we add the Maple leaf to our logo, we are giving all our proceeds from out Maple Wood watch collection to the Canadian Red Cross to  help the famlies directly affected by the northern fires! It’s that Canadian!

From coast to coast – Vancouver to St. John’s and everything in between – we strongly believe that that logo we’ve designed will represent everything that we strive for: an affordable and fashionable watch designed for the purpose of helping us repopulate Canada’s forests, starting with La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Kelowna, British Columbia and the rest of Northern Canada! Welcome to the family!